Birmingham, Alabama


Crazy hair columns

These columns are appropriately named because they are topped with different balloons that look like crazy hair. Whether it be long, skinny straight or skinny curly balloons - these columns promise not to disappoint.

Big top columns

These balloon columns are topped with a huge 36" balloon and you better believe they make a big impact!  We can use the same size balloons for the body of the column or have a larger base and use smaller balloons in the middle like as pictured here.

Balloon columns

Our Crazy Hair and Big Top Columns are two customer favorites, but we make so many more types of Balloon Columns as you'll see pictured.  There are columns made out of Link-a-Loon Balloons, Classic Spiral and Stacked Columns, Shorter Columns topped with letters or numbers and even columns made to look like baby bottles or a castle entrance!

Balloon Columns