Birmingham, Alabama

String of pearl arches

The String of Pearl Arches are great for smaller rooms, but can also be multiplied to create a fun entrance into a large ballroom or to separate parts of a large room. They are great to use over tables, giving height and color.  Using two String of Pearl Arches we create a Criss Cross Arch which is most often used for decoration over dance floors.

Link-a-loon arches

These are similar to String of Pearl Arches, except instead of the balloons touching sides they touch end to end. Most Link-a-Loon Arches have a grouping of smaller balloons in between each large balloon, like a collar. These are also great to use for door entryways or on table tops.

spiral & stacked arches

Our most popular and often times largest arches are the Spiral or Stacked Balloon Arches. We use the colors and style of your choice to achieve the look you like the most. We can incorporate smaller Curly Q balloons, make the balloons different sizes to manipulate the shape - the possibilities are endless.  Because we use equipment, these decorations can withstand most weather conditions, which is great because these arches are super popular for 5k races and fundraisers.